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Luminous efficacy up to 150lm/w 5-10 year limited warranty.
Luminous efficacy up to 155lm/w 5-10 year limited warranty.
Up to 150LM/W System Efficacy 300W 600W 900W and 1200W, up to 3800W MHL Replacement
Up to 170LM/W System Efficacy up to 1000W Replacement
Up to 170LM/W System Efficacy 315W 460W and 580W, up to 1500W Replacement
Warranty 5 Years Lifespan up to 50,000+ hours
Rated for 50,000 hours, quality guaranteed . 99.9% Bactericidal Rate
203lm/w 40W, 8120lm microwave sensor,Infrared human sensor available
180lm/w 80W, 14400lm
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23 October 2020
【Project】240W McDonald lighting Installation

Using 69 units 240W AOK iL #LED Street lights, we help him to replace 69 units 1000W traditional lamps, after the replacement, the storekeeper has achieved the following benefits:1. Bright enough, Safety for the guests, 30% more guests come, earn 35% more money.2. save power consumption and electric

18 June 2020
【Project】240W Equestrian lighting

Using 89 units 240W-AOK OH round #high-bay lights, we help him to replace 100 units 1000W traditional lamps in an Equestrian field, after the replacement, the customer has achieved the following benefits:1. Instantly turn on/off, without long preheating. Safety for the horse and rider.2. save power

14 February 2020
【Project】120W roadway lighting Installation

AOK-120WiL5700K, Intallation height:8M70*150degree beam angle

03 November 2019
【Project】230W parking lot Installation

AOK-230WoT, Luminleds 5050 LED, 170lm/w, replace 1000W Metal Halide, at Ontario Airport, California.Installation Height: 10 meters;Project Qty: 800pcs;Lux Requirement: 200-300lx;

17 July 2019
【Project】230W parking lot lighting Installation

Aok-230wot 5050 replaces 1000W Ontario airportInstallation height 10 mThe total number of the project is about 800Illumination is about 200-300 lux

14 February 2019
【Project】300W Tennis court lighting Installation

300WHigh efficiency 196 lamp beads with T3VS lensTennis courtAustralia

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