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• Power: from 75W to 230W. 
• System efficiency up to 150lm/W
• Luminous flux:11250lm-33350lm
  • AOK-PLA230
  • AOK

Features of  PLA Series

PLA series is an economical energy-saving and flexible application scenarios area light with high-cost performance. It is designed for commercial and industrial applications, providing cooler operating temperatures, brighter light and longer LED span.


• CCT & power adjustable (75W/100W/150W).

• Light engine is thermally isolated from driver components for better heat dissipation, industrial-level design standard. 

• Micro-lens systems produce IESNA Type III, Type IV and Type V distributions, full cutoff type, no uplight pollution.

• Luminaries produces 0% total lumens above 90°(BUG Rating, U=0), provides uniform light output with a lower glare.

• Optical systems maintain an IP66 rating.

• The top spot of the fixture is reserved for the sensor in the case of future installation.

Application Reference

• Urban & residential streets

• Bridges

• Bike & pedestrian paths

• Railway stations & metros

• Car parks

• Squares & pedestrian areas

• Roads & motorways

Mounting Options


Distribution Diagram


Electrical Data
Power(w) 75W 100W 150W 200W 230W
Power adjustable: 75W/115W/150W Power adjustable: 180W/200W/230W
Input voltage 100-277VAC/277-480VAC, 50/60Hz
THD <10.5%
PF >0.95 >0.95 >0.95 >0.95 >0.95
Driver Efficiency 90% 91% 92% 92% 93%
Maximum Current AC0.85A AC1.13A AC1.7A AC2.26A AC2.6A
Control option Driver includes wiring for 0-10V dimming systems. Dim as low as 10%.
Operating temperature -40°C to 50°C (-40 °F to 122 °F)
Surge Protection 10kV / 20kV optional
Photometric Data
Efficacy (lm/w, Std Dev ±3%)@CRI 70Ra, 5000K-2835-T301 150lm/W 150lm/W 145lm/W 150lm/W 145lm/W
Luminous flux(lm, Std Dev ±3%) @CRI 70Ra, 5000K-2835-T301 11250lm 15000lm 21750lm 30000lm 33350lm
CCT 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K, 6500K
CRI Ra70,Ra80,Ra90
LED model 2835 ,3030, 5050 2835 ,3030
Lens Polycarbonate
Beam angle Type III/ Type V(2835, 3030) / Type III / Type IV/Type V (5050) Type III
Mechanical Data
IP/IK rating IP66/IK09, according to standard EN 60529 and EN 62262
Vibration resistance 3G, conform to standard IEC 68-2-6
EPA(SCx), fixture body Side: 1.86ft²(0.1728m²); Top: 11.90ft²(1.1055m²) Side: 2.31ft²(0.2144m²); Top: 16.97ft²(1.5764m²)
Housing Heavy-duty die-cast aluminum (EN AC-46100)
Heat radiator Aluminum alloy
Surface treatment Anti-UV thermosetting polyester / Anti-UV thermosetting polyester (for extremely corrosive environments).
Painting Black, Custom request
Cable Pre-wired with a 30 cm cable (Other lengths on request)
Mounting Slipfitter, Adjustable Arm, Square/Round Pole, Trunnion, Yoke
Other Data
Lifespan L90B10 - 100000 hrs, @Tq 25°C
Warranty 5 years limited warranty (Warranty extension up to 10 years on request)
Certification UL,DLC5.1,FCC
Product Size A-Slipfitter 22.57*10.08*3.12 inches / L573.2*W256*H79.2mm 26.32*11.61*3.13 inches / L668.5*W295*H79.4mm
B-Adjustable Arm 23.23*10.08*6.27 inches / L590*W256*H159.3mm 26.98*11.61*6.28inches / L685.3*W295*H159.5mm
C-Yoke Mount 17.47*10.08*2.33 inches / L443.7*W256*H59.2mm 21.26*11.61*2.37 inches / L540*W295*H60.2mm
D-Slide Lock Mount 21.62*10.08*6.4 inches / L549.3*W256*H162.5mm 25.38*11.61*6.41 inches / L644.6*W295*H162.7mm
E-Square Pole 21.98*10.08*5.91 inches / L558.3*W256*H150mm 25.73*11.61*5.91 inches / L653.6*W295*H150mm
F-Round Pole 22.86*10.08*5.91 inches / L580.7*W256*H150mm 26.62*11.61*5.91 inches / L676.1*W295*H150mm
G-Trunnion Mount 22.33*10.08*2.76inches / L567.3*W256*H70mm 26.09*11.61*2.76 inches / L662.6*W295*H70mm
Net Weight A-Slipfitter 4.41KG 4.41KG 4.54KG 6.25KG 6.37KG
B-Adjustable Arm 5KG 5KG 5.12KG 6.8KG 6.92KG
C-Yoke Mount 4.17KG 4.17KG 4.3KG 6.08KG 6.2KG
D-Slide Lock Mount 4.57KG 4.57KG 4.7KG 6.2KG 6.32KG
E-Square Pole 4.22KG 4.22KG 4.35KG 6.08KG 6.2KG
F-Round Pole 4.77KG 4.77KG 4.9KG 6.4KG 6.52KG
G-Trunnion Mount 4.73KG 4.73KG 4.86KG 6.54KG 6.66KG
Carton Size A-Slipfitter 25.98*11*3.54inches/L660*W280*H90mm 30.5*12.6*3.54inches/L775*W320*H90mm
B-Adjustable Arm 26.69*8.97*7.08inches/L678*W228*H180mm 30.5*12.6*6.88inches/L775*W320*H175mm
C-Yoke Mount 21.49*11.65*3.54inches/L546*W296*H90mm 25.27*13.18*3.54inches/L642*W335*H90mm
D-Slide Lock Mount 25.35*8.97*7.08inches/L644*W228*H180mm 29.1*12.6*6.88inches/L740*W320*H175mm
E-Square Pole 26.18*10.8*7.08inches/L665*W280*H180mm 29.92*12.6*7.08inches/L760*W320*H180mm
F-Round Pole 26.18*10.8*7.08inches/L665*W280*H180mm 29.92*12.6*7.08inches/L760*W320*H180mm
G-Trunnion Mount 25.98*11.02*3.81inches/L660*W280*H97mm 29.9*12.6*3.93inches/L760*W320*H100mm
Gross Weight A-Slipfitter 4.77KG 4.77KG 4.9KG 6.62KG 6.74KG
B-Adjustable Arm 5.7KG 5.7KG 6.03KG 7.8KG 7.92KG
C-Yoke Mount 4.54KG 4.54KG 4.67KG 6.72KG 6.84KG
D-Slide Lock Mount 5.37KG 5.37KG 5.5KG 7.2KG 7.32KG
E-Square Pole 5.22KG 5.22KG 5.35KG 7.08KG 7.2KG
F-Round Pole 5.6KG 5.6KG 5.72KG 7.4KG 7.52KG
G-Trunnion Mount 5.13KG 5.13KG 5.26KG 6.94KG 7.06KG

To be updated soon.

To be updated soon.


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