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Luminous efficacy up to 145LM/W 5-10 year limited warranty.
  • AOK-230WiL03
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IL03 series is an economical energy-saving and flexible application scenarios street light/area light with high-cost performance.

● Power range: from 20W to 230W.

● Streamlined fixture body design, industrial-level design standards. 

● Micro-lens systems produce IESNA Type II, Type III, Type IV and Type V distributions. 

● Luminaries produces 0% total lumens above 90°(BUG Rating, U=0), provides uniform light output with a lower glare.

● Optical systems maintain an IP66 rating.

● The top spot of the fixture is reserved for the sensor in the case of future installation.

● Worry-free installation, easy maintenance.


● Optimized, premium optical grade Mitsubishi polycarbonate lens, the efficient design of the modules make each light engine highly customizable, allowing the light distribution to be aimed toward the application. 

● Optical systems allow for versatility, tight cutoffs, and flexible control for a wide variety of applications.

● We deliver innovation and customization, further expanding the flexibility of the project. Exceptional uniformity and low glare for maximum comfort and neighbor-friendly.

The photometric engine takes advantage of the latest generation of mid-power LEDs and dedicated optics for professional applications.

Combined with Lumileds 3030 it provides an alternative solution for those who are looking for very cost-effective yet efficient lighting while keeping the same luminaire design.


● Custom Dimming Profile

Intelligent luminaire drivers can be programmed with complex dimming profiles. With customized combinations of time intervals and light levels are possible. This feature does not require any extra wiring.

The period between switching on and switching off is used to activate the preset dimming profile. The customised dimming system generates maximum energy savings while respecting the required lighting levels and uniformity throughout the night.

● Daylight Sensor / Photocell

Photocell or daylight sensors switch the luminaire on as soon natural light falls to a certain level. It can be programmed to switch on during a storm, on a cloudy day (in critical areas) or only at nightfall so as to provide safety and comfort in public spaces.


Urban & residential streets


Bike & pedestrian paths 

Railway stations & metros

Car parks

Squares & pedestrian areas

Roads & motorways



5-year standard warranty, 10-year warranty optional. Please consult with AOK sales for detailed agreement.



IL03 size


CE/RoHS/CB Listed


Distribution Diagram


Standard Parameter

Electrical Data
Model AOK-100WiL03 AOK-120WiL03 AOK-150WiL03 AOK-180WiL03 AOK-200WiL03 AOK-230WiL03
Power(W) 100 W 120 W 150 W 180 W 200 W 230 W
Input voltage 100-277VAC
THD <20%
PF ≥0.98 ≥0.98 ≥0.98 ≥0.98 ≥0.98 ≥0.98
Driver Meanwell / Sosen / Philips. Class 1/ Class 2, EU
Operating temperature -40°C to 50°C (-40 °F to 122 °F)
Control Option Surge Protective Device、Daylight Sensor Control、1-10V Dimming
Surge Protection 10kV / 20kV optional
Photometric Data
(CRI 70Ra, 5000K)
(Std Dev ±3%)
T2 135lm/W 135lm/W 135lm/W 140lm/W 135lm/W 135lm/W
T3 135lm/W 135lm/W 135lm/W 140lm/W 135lm/W 135lm/W
T4 135lm/W 135lm/W 135lm/W 140lm/W 135lm/W 135lm/W
T5 135lm/W 135lm/W 135lm/W 140lm/W 135lm/W 135lm/W
Luminous flux (lm)
(CRI 70Ra, 5000K)
(Std Dev ±3%)
T2 13500lm 16200lm 20250lm 25200lm 27000lm 31050lm
T3 13500lm 16200lm 20250lm 25200lm 27000lm 31050lm
T4 13500lm 16200lm 20250lm 25200lm 27000lm 31050lm
T5 13500lm 16200lm 20250lm 25200lm 27000lm 31050lm
ULR = 0%, @ Luminaire inclination 0°
CCT 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K, 6500K
CRI 70Ra, 80Ra, 90Ra optional
Beam angle T2/T3/T4/T5
LED Manufacturer LUMILEDS
LED model Lumileds 3030
Working current of single LED
T2 135mA 115mA 145mA 120mA 135mA 150mA
T3 135mA 115mA 145mA 120mA 135mA 150mA
T4 135mA 115mA 145mA 120mA 135mA 150mA
T5 135mA 115mA 145mA 120mA 135mA 150mA
Lens Polycarbonate
Mechanical Data
IP/IK IP66/IK09, according to standard EN 60529 and EN 62262
Vibration resistance 3G, conform to standard IEC 68-2-6.
SCx Front: 1.32ft² (0.122632m²);
Side: 0.34ft² (0.031587m²);
Front: 1.77ft² (0.164438m²);
Side: 0.37ft² (0.034374m²);
Front: 2.23ft² (0.207173m²);
Side: 0.4ft² (0.037161m²);
Materials Heavy-duty die-cast aluminum (EN AC-46100)
Painting Black, Silver, Custom request
Surface treatment Anti-UV thermosetting polyester / 80 micron epoxy primer + Anti-UV thermosetting polyester (for extremely corrosive environments).
Cable Pre-wired with a 30 cm cable (Other lengths on request)
Mounting Slide entry
Lifespan L90B10 > 52000 hrs, @Ta 25°C
Warranty 5 years (Warranty extension up to 10 years on request)
Product size 21.7*8.43*5.35" / 551*214*136mm 24.45*10*5.35" /621*254*136mm 26.42*11.65*5.35" / 671*296*136mm
Carton size 24.21*10.43*8.27" / 615*265*210mm 26.97*12*8.27" / 685*305*210mm 28.94*13.58*8.27" / 735*345*210mm
Net weight 3.8kg 4kg 4kg 5.4kg 5.4kg 5.4kg
Gross weight 5kg 5.5kg 5.5kg 6.7kg 6.7kg 6.7kg
Recommend  installation height General 4-12m, based on actual project requirements
Application field Urban and rural street

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