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200lm/w, Bi-facial solar panel, Microwave sensor, Photocell Infrared sensor available
  • AOK-40WsE
  • AOK
  • 9405409000


●SE solar LED street lightfeatures all in one design function, low profile design, with PIR/microwave motion sensor and smart controller all built in.

●Bifacial Solar Paneldesign. Suitable for remote region, non electricity supply zone.  

●Deep cycle battery, charge and discharge over2000 times.

●Operating time: 5-7 days under rainy day in intelligent model.


① Easy battery replacement design, can be renewed for 7 years.

② Ultra-high light efficiency, 10 watts equivalent to 20 watts of others at least.

③ Bifacial solar panels, the overall conversion efficiency is increased by 30%.

④ Unique anti-theft technology on battery door.

⑤ Rotatable LED module, worry-free installation, best solar panel angle adapt to the sun.

⑥ The various installation methods suit any application likes light poles, wall surface and etc.

⑦From 10 to 60 watts, can replace the traditional 35-240 watts, meeting all road application conditions.

⑧ More than 30 different optical road lighting designs, adapt to various road conditions but no waste of light.

⑨ PIR/microwave motion sensor and smart controller all built-in. AC and DC complementary, also USB power and alarm supply when emergency use.

⑩ Remote system control, security camera optional.


●By choosing the luxeon LED chips, single lumen value at 240Im/w , with the aluminum lamp base and sealed lens, with its excellent heat dissipation,it is as if the LED chip has been placed in a sealed unit. Thus it maintains high brightness levels with very little fading. The sealed lenses are made of strong UV protected PC and are aging and shock resistant; The well optimized light distribution, makes for a more uniform and wider lighting area.

●Lumen efficiency > 220lm/w, achieve higher illumination.


●Slip Fitter (Adjustable),U-Shape Bracket ,Adjustable Arm Mount, Direct Arm Mount

●Surveillance Camera/Bird Spike/4KV SPD optional.


●Garden, Residence, Courtyard

●Main roads and avenue

●Mining area and parking lot

●Areas with no-electrical supply


3years limited warranty


AOK SE solar street -size


FCC/CE/RoHS Listed

Mobile Bluetooth APP

● Multiple lighting modes can be programmed remotely by Mobile Bluetooth APP Solar Street light with inbuilt Bluetooth for health monitoring with APP.

Smart Lighting Control System

●The system can pre-set one or more lighting modes according to different time of day and traffic flow, automatically turn on or off any lamp, and adjust the switching time and illumination according to environmental requirements to achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction.

Technical Specification

● Operating time: 15 hours full power, intelligent mode 5-7 days.

● Input Voltage: 12-24V constant voltage.

● Control Mode:Light Control + Motion Sensor/Time Control/PIR Built In.

● Working Mode: 30% of intensity at first 4 hrs, 100% bright when people or car pass by, then rest of time 30% of intensity, and 70% of intensity when people pass by.

● Housing: Die-Casting Aluminum, Anti-Corrosion.

● Life Hours: >50,000 hours.

● 3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K available. CRI: 70/80

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Others will be updated soon.

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