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Up to 150LM/W, Module design stadium light, 300W~1200W available. Equivalent to traditional 3800W MHL replacement.
Luminous efficacy up to 150lm/w 5-10 year limited warranty.
Luminous efficacy up to 155lm/w 5-10 year limited warranty.
Up to 1701LM/W System Efficacy High Mast LED Light
Up to 150LM/W, High performance LED flood light. 315W~720W available. A variety of flood distributions for lighting applications such as Stadium and Port.
Up to 140lm/w and 170lm/w optional 75-230W, up to 1200W replacement Tool-free maintenance
200lm/w, Bi-facial solar panel, Microwave sensor, Photocell Infrared sensor available
Up to 130lm/w or 180lm/w Optional 0-10V / PWM / Resistance dimming / Smart Sensor optional. Lifespan up to 63,000+ hours
New Products
Rated for 50,000 hours, quality guaranteed . 99.9% Bactericidal Rate
All in one design function, low profile design, with photocell sensor, timing, dimming, intelligent power saving, morning light, microwave sensor available.

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Fuzhou Headquarter: 0086-591-83820886
Sales Manager: Elaine
USA Office Line:+1 (626)420 8777
VP: Kathy Mason
USA Warehouse: 18541 E Gale Ave, City of Industry, CA91748

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