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Highly upgradeable for motion sensor, PIR sensor, smart sensor, etc;
System efficacy 130lm/w, lifespan >50000 hours;
Up to 250W replacement.

  • AOK-95WiH
  • AOK
  • AOK-95WiH


 Product Overview


    Specialized for indoor high bay lighting with excellent evenness;
    Suitable for factory, warehouse, supermarket, school,etc;
    Power: 95W,150W,200W,200W up to 600W replacement




    Powder coated Die-cast aluminum


    Lens Assembly:

    Anti-UV with polycarbonate lens with precision individual optics for uniform illumination




    Chain /Cable Mount (Standard);

    Rod Mount( Optional);

    Surface Mount (Optional);

    Pendant Mount (Optional);

    Y-cable /hook (Optional);


    Recommended Use


    Warehouses & Storage








Luminous Efficacy  130lm/w
Color Temperature 3000K,4000K,5000K,5700K,6500K
Power Consumption 95W  
CRI (Color Accuracy)70/80 CRI
Replaces (Comparable to)250W HID /MHL 
Fixture Dimensions24*16.5*2.8''  (61*42*7cm.) 
Shipping Weight13 lbs  (5.8kg)


Estimated > 50,000 hours of maintenance-free operation  to L70
Input VoltageUniversal (120V through 277V Operation)

Contact Info

General Manager: Wally (Yafeng Hei)
Shenzhen Factory: 0086-755-33274636
Sales Manager: Journey
Fuzhou Headquarter: 0086-591-83820886
Sales Manager: Elaine
USA Office:+1 (909) 443-5193
Vice President: Nick Hei
USA Warehouse: 3979 E, Unit C, Guasti Road, Ontario, CA 91761

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