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230W PLA-Series Area Light

The PLA series is an energy-efficient and versatile area light with excellent cost performance. The CCT and Power adjustable optional solution allows for better SKU reduction.
  • AOK-PLA230

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Features of  PLA Series

The PLA series is a great option for those looking to purchase 230W parking lot lighting. It's an energy-efficient and versatile area light that provides cooler operating temperatures, brighter light, full cutoff type and a longer LED lifespan. This makes it perfect for commercial and industrial applications. Plus, with the optional CCT and Power adjustment solutions, SKU reduction is made even easier. So if you're in the market for 230W parking lot lighting, consider the PLA series for its excellent cost performance.


• CCT & power adjustable (75W/100W/150W).

• Light engine is thermally isolated from driver components for better heat dissipation, industrial-level design standard. 

• Micro-lens systems produce IESNA Type III, Type IV and Type V distributions, full cutoff type, no uplight pollution.

• Luminaries produces 0% total lumens above 90°(BUG Rating, U=0), provides uniform light output with a lower glare.

• Optical systems maintain an IP66 rating.

• The top spot of the fixture is reserved for the sensor in the case of future installation.

Application Reference

• Urban & residential streets

• Bridges

• Bike & pedestrian paths

• Railway stations & metros

• Car parks

• Squares & pedestrian areas

• Roads & motorways

Mounting Options


Distribution Diagram


Electrical Data
Power(w) 75W 100W 150W 200W 230W
Power adjustable: 75W/115W/150W Power adjustable: 180W/200W/230W
Input voltage 100-277VAC/277-480VAC, 50/60Hz
THD <10.5%
PF >0.95 >0.95 >0.95 >0.95 >0.95
Driver Efficiency 90% 91% 92% 92% 93%
Maximum Current AC0.85A AC1.13A AC1.7A AC2.26A AC2.6A
Control option Driver includes wiring for 0-10V dimming systems. Dim as low as 10%.
Operating temperature -40°C to 50°C (-40 °F to 122 °F)
Surge Protection 10kV / 20kV optional
Photometric Data
Efficacy (lm/w, Std Dev ±3%)@CRI 70Ra, 5000K-2835-T301 150lm/W 150lm/W 145lm/W 150lm/W 145lm/W
Luminous flux(lm, Std Dev ±3%) @CRI 70Ra, 5000K-2835-T301 11250lm 15000lm 21750lm 30000lm 33350lm
CCT 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K, 6500K
CRI Ra70,Ra80,Ra90
LED model 2835 ,3030, 5050 2835 ,3030
Lens Polycarbonate
Beam angle Type III/ Type V(2835, 3030) / Type III / Type IV/Type V (5050) Type III
Mechanical Data
IP/IK rating IP66/IK09, according to standard EN 60529 and EN 62262
Vibration resistance 3G, conform to standard IEC 68-2-6
EPA(SCx), fixture body Side: 1.86ft²(0.1728m²); Top: 11.90ft²(1.1055m²) Side: 2.31ft²(0.2144m²); Top: 16.97ft²(1.5764m²)
Housing Heavy-duty die-cast aluminum (EN AC-46100)
Heat radiator Aluminum alloy
Surface treatment Anti-UV thermosetting polyester / Anti-UV thermosetting polyester (for extremely corrosive environments).
Painting Black, Custom request
Cable Pre-wired with a 30 cm cable (Other lengths on request)
Mounting Slipfitter, Adjustable Arm, Square/Round Pole, Trunnion, Yoke
Other Data
Lifespan L90B10 - 100000 hrs, @Tq 25°C
Warranty 5 years limited warranty (Warranty extension up to 10 years on request)
Certification UL,DLC5.1,FCC
Product Size A-Slipfitter 22.57*10.08*3.12 inches / L573.2*W256*H79.2mm 26.32*11.61*3.13 inches / L668.5*W295*H79.4mm
B-Adjustable Arm 23.23*10.08*6.27 inches / L590*W256*H159.3mm 26.98*11.61*6.28inches / L685.3*W295*H159.5mm
C-Yoke Mount 17.47*10.08*2.33 inches / L443.7*W256*H59.2mm 21.26*11.61*2.37 inches / L540*W295*H60.2mm
D-Slide Lock Mount 21.62*10.08*6.4 inches / L549.3*W256*H162.5mm 25.38*11.61*6.41 inches / L644.6*W295*H162.7mm
E-Square Pole 21.98*10.08*5.91 inches / L558.3*W256*H150mm 25.73*11.61*5.91 inches / L653.6*W295*H150mm
F-Round Pole 22.86*10.08*5.91 inches / L580.7*W256*H150mm 26.62*11.61*5.91 inches / L676.1*W295*H150mm
G-Trunnion Mount 22.33*10.08*2.76inches / L567.3*W256*H70mm 26.09*11.61*2.76 inches / L662.6*W295*H70mm
Net Weight A-Slipfitter 4.41KG 4.41KG 4.54KG 6.25KG 6.37KG
B-Adjustable Arm 5KG 5KG 5.12KG 6.8KG 6.92KG
C-Yoke Mount 4.17KG 4.17KG 4.3KG 6.08KG 6.2KG
D-Slide Lock Mount 4.57KG 4.57KG 4.7KG 6.2KG 6.32KG
E-Square Pole 4.22KG 4.22KG 4.35KG 6.08KG 6.2KG
F-Round Pole 4.77KG 4.77KG 4.9KG 6.4KG 6.52KG
G-Trunnion Mount 4.73KG 4.73KG 4.86KG 6.54KG 6.66KG
Carton Size A-Slipfitter 25.98*11*3.54inches/L660*W280*H90mm 30.5*12.6*3.54inches/L775*W320*H90mm
B-Adjustable Arm 26.69*8.97*7.08inches/L678*W228*H180mm 30.5*12.6*6.88inches/L775*W320*H175mm
C-Yoke Mount 21.49*11.65*3.54inches/L546*W296*H90mm 25.27*13.18*3.54inches/L642*W335*H90mm
D-Slide Lock Mount 25.35*8.97*7.08inches/L644*W228*H180mm 29.1*12.6*6.88inches/L740*W320*H175mm
E-Square Pole 26.18*10.8*7.08inches/L665*W280*H180mm 29.92*12.6*7.08inches/L760*W320*H180mm
F-Round Pole 26.18*10.8*7.08inches/L665*W280*H180mm 29.92*12.6*7.08inches/L760*W320*H180mm
G-Trunnion Mount 25.98*11.02*3.81inches/L660*W280*H97mm 29.9*12.6*3.93inches/L760*W320*H100mm
Gross Weight A-Slipfitter 4.77KG 4.77KG 4.9KG 6.62KG 6.74KG
B-Adjustable Arm 5.7KG 5.7KG 6.03KG 7.8KG 7.92KG
C-Yoke Mount 4.54KG 4.54KG 4.67KG 6.72KG 6.84KG
D-Slide Lock Mount 5.37KG 5.37KG 5.5KG 7.2KG 7.32KG
E-Square Pole 5.22KG 5.22KG 5.35KG 7.08KG 7.2KG
F-Round Pole 5.6KG 5.6KG 5.72KG 7.4KG 7.52KG
G-Trunnion Mount 5.13KG 5.13KG 5.26KG 6.94KG 7.06KG

To be updated soon.

To be updated soon.


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