AOK LED Light 5/8 Years Warranty Terms


This is 5/8 years warranty terms promised and provied for AOK LED light product. 

This term is based on the entire luminAOK offers a five (5) year limited product warranty on all LED light fixture products that we manufacture, distribute, and/or sell, as our good faith promise to deliver safe, reliable, high-quality products that you and your customers can rely on for years of effective lighting use.  The terms and conditions of our limited product warranty are based on, and limited to, the quality, craftsmanship, and performance of the entire light fixture only, and applicable as follows:

1. This 5 year Limited Product Warranty term will start on the date of purchase and/or the date that our invoice is generated and taken as final, with delivery made thereof for the light fixture(s).
2. This 5 year Limited Product Warranty is restricted to common and safe use of the light fixtures, as designed and intended for protected interior use and/or exterior* (outside) environment use.
3. All Antec light fixtures will be covered by the 5 year Limited Product Warranty, with proper professional installation by a certified electrician.  
4. Over the course of 5 years, the product shall remain in excellent operating condition, with minimal degradation of lighting performance. Please see our product specifications for performance data and operating criteria.

5. All AOK for interior use must remain in protected interior environments.  Any outdoor use of interior light fixtures will render this warranty “void” for improper use & improper installation due to exposure to the elements (rain, water, heat, etc.), which may lead to product failure, fire, safety hazards to persons and property, and/or other damage.
6. *Exterior use of Antec fixtures is only applicable to Antec light fixtures designed and intended for outdoor use and designated as “water-proof” or “water-resistant” or for “outdoor use” or for “indoor/outdoor use”.  The 5 year Limited Product Warranty will not apply to interior lighting incorrectly used as outdoor lighting.

7. Any hazards or damages by man-made causes, such as the user dismantling of the lighting fixture(s), inappropriate use, improper storage, improper installation, unskilled or uncertified installation, light fixture exposure to rain or water, the input of improper AC power (including AC over-voltage surge (240VAC à120VAC)), and/or any other use of the product that is contrary to the safe intended usage (including not following product instructions), will render this warranty “void”, and will exonerate AOK, its partners, and distributors from all liability and claims thereof.
8. Any hazards or damages caused during the transport of fixtures is NOT COVERED under the 5 year Limited Product Warranty.  
9. Any hazards or damages due to force-majeure, such as floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning strikes, typhoons, hurricanes, and/or by any other means of “Acts of God” or other natural disasters is NOT COVERED under the 5 year Limited Product Warranty.  

10. Where applicable, AOK products may have the option to have an extended product warranty, including up to a 10 year Limited Product Warranty, which extends beyond the 5 year Limited Product Warranty.  The terms and conditions of an extended warranty would be provided accordingly, if any terms and conditions are different from this warranty, aside the warranty term (length).  Please contact AOK for details.
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10. It is explicitly stated herein that only AOK is to make repairs or modifications to its products.  Any light fixtures that are modified, altered, repaired, or otherwise retrofitted by others WILL VOID THIS WARRANTY.
11. Any unauthorized rework, modifications, alterations, repairs, maintenance, refits, or retrofits of AOK fixtures by the user or any other party is NOT COVERED under the 5 year Limited Product Warranty.

12. Any product failures for repair or replacement MUST BE RETURNED to AOK and/or its distributors.  Prior to return, please contact AOK to request a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) and receive instructions on making the proper return: AOK Inc. (909) 443-5193
13. Under the 5 year Limited Product Warranty, AOK will repair all authorized returns having an RMA.  Upon receipt, Antec will repair the fixture and ship it at no charge.  If it is determined the fixture is, indeed, a “warrantable return”, then AOK will issue a credit for the cost of the ground freight return.
14. If no repair is available or possible, then a new replacement fixture will be furnished at the discretion of AOK, for the same product that may be in stock, or for a substitutable item that is in stock.  The repaired fixture or new replacement fixture will be shipped ground freight, at no charge, to the original shipping address.
15. If a repair or replacement may not be provided, then a refund will be provided for the purchase price of the product.  The refund may be a “full refund” if the product is less than one (1) year old, or it will be a pro-rated refund, at the deducted cost of 25% per year, starting with the 2nd year (13th month) of ownership, and thereafter.  

16. If products are “out of warranty”, yet still operational, then all benefits of continued product use are expired and the 5 year Limited Product Warranty becomes “void” and “expires”.  
17. It is recommended to replace all Antec Light fixtures that may show any reasonable “wear” or “damage” once the warranty expires.  At the user’s option, fully functional AOK may continue use beyond the 5 year Limited Product Warranty, at the user’s risk and assumed liability.
18. If products are returned and found to be “out of warranty” or returned with obvious damages that are not covered under the 5 year Limited Product Warranty, then AOK may discard those items, or leave them for pick-up by the user, owner, and/or appointed parties.
19. If damages to the fixtures are not covered under the warranty, then the user or owner may request and pay for AOK to perform repairs.  As such, AOK has the right to charge the repair cost, plus shipping.
20. If any fixtures are found to be out of validity date under the 5 year Limited Product Warranty, then AOK may option to discard those items, if no repairs can be made, once given notice to the user/owner.  If it is discovered that unauthorized prior repair, modifications, or alterations are made to the fixture structure or circuitry by users or a third party, then AOK will discard the fixture without any attempt to repair it, as it may pose a hazard for continued use.  The user/owner will be notified accordingly, and under the 5 year Limited Product Warranty, the user/owner is herein notified of this condition to accept this decision by AOK and no replacements will apply.


1. This warranty term starts since the date of purchase. And the date on the commerical invoice is taken as final;

2. This Guarantee is limited to common use: any damage caused by man-made (such as the user dismantles products, inappropriate use, inputs improper power and doesn't use the products according to the instruction, etc), the damage caused during the transportation or caused by any other suddenness, natural disaster, or maintains and refits the products not approved by us. This warranty term will not cover all above conditions of inappropriate use;

3. During the warranty term period, if the luminaire has failed, AOK is responsible to offer new replacement and covers the shipping cost.

4. If the damage is caused by below factors, AOK has the right to charge maintenance cost: 

1). The luminaire is out of validity date of guarantee. 

2). The damage due to force majeure (such as flood, fire, earthquake, lightning strike, typhoon, etc) or using the products inappropriately. 

3). The structure or circuitry of the luminaire amended by the users or third party. 

All right reserved by AOK LED LIGHT or AOK Industrial Company Limtied. In case any updated information or warranty extention, please feel free to contact our sales team or technical service team for latest details.


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