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【Project】AOK-IF 300W flood light project in Europe

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【Project】AOK-IF 300W flood light project in Europe

There are many advantages to upgrading outdoor flood lighting luminaires, including energy savings, major maintenance savings, and future-proofing opportunities. Our IF series floodlight brightens the area around the arena for the customer, improving safety and night vision, with less maintenance. That's exactly what was achieved for the project.


We're proud to power the client's project with 300w floodlights, Type III distribution, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact on the night vision, for customers to come to the multi-purpose sports venue to provide a pleasant play experience for friends.

IF 300W in EU 2021-12 (7)IF 300W in EU 2021-12 (4)IF 300W in EU 2021-12 (3)IF 300W in EU 2021-12 (5)

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